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Rossum Rumblers | Polytechnic Robotics Club


Organizations we have partnered with on different projects.

Society of Women Engineers ASU

SWE is one of our newest partners. They will be helping out with professional development and career services. This year we will be helping them grow their outreach events to 300 girls.



The ASU Kern Project partners with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) to integrate the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering education on a national scale. Funded by The Kern Family Foundation, the project aims to: (1) develop a set of resources that support mentorship of engineering faculty in building a community of practice that values quality teaching, impactful research, and instilling a collaborative and entrepreneurial mindset; and (2) impact ASU engineering students through curricular and co-curricular approaches by weaving the entrepreneurial mindset into courses and student engagement activities. The ASU Kern Project and Rossum Rumblers have partnered on Devil’s Invent, a weekend event that incorporates the entrepreneurial mindset to reach beyond boundaries through the design, build, and pitch of solutions.


AZ Loop

AZ Loop started off as a small subsidiary of Rossum Rumblers in 2015. They made it to the all the way to design weekend at Texas A&M. They grew so fast that they had to start their own club. We now share a lab space with them and are thankful for all the awesome tools they bring to the lab.


Lemon Bots

We partnered with the Lemon Bots, VEX team 127, for the first VEX Robotics Competition at the ASU Polytechnic campus.